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UK Wedding Photography Workshop 2017


Aga Tomaszek    –   Eirik Halvorsen   –   Dan Morris

When we heard the Aga, Eirik and Dan were running a two-day training course in Cheltenham we jumped at the chance to go. These are three wonderful photographers, each with their own unique way of working and producing truly original wedding images.  This was also a chance to meet up with  like-minded photographers, socialise and pick up some inspiration along the way. With our wedding season just about to kick off we felt it would get rid of some cobwebs and get us inspired for the year ahead.  How right we were! Minutes after arriving at Dan’s place in Cheltenham we completely relaxed had a cup of coffee placed in our hands whilst we chatted to Dan and briefly met and introduced ourselves to the other attendees. Once everyone had arrived the day kicked off with presentations from Eirik, Aga and Dan.


Eirik is lovely, totally down to earth, humble and very passionate about his love for photography and for his very lucky clients. He came all the way from Norway to spend time telling us about his journey as a photographer as well as showing us the beautiful imagery he produces. He really gets to know his clients and its clear from his photographs how much they adore him also. Eirik, (pronounced – I Rick) explained his vision and how he sustains his successful business .

Next came Aga, what can we say her five minute slideshow had some of us in tears, the sheer joy in her images and the way she captures the connection between couples is awe inspiring. Aga has an amazing visual talent and her hard working ethic left us in no doubt why her clients trust her so completely. This trust shows through in all her work and is truly inspirational; she makes you want to strive so much further. A very clear-headed, confident young woman who made us all sit up and take note!



We had a reprise for some of Aga’s home cooked soup, majorly delicious! Before finishing the Day with Dan.

Dan is so down to earth and friendly and easy to be around. His wedding photography is all about ‘capturing the moment’, and wow what moments. He clearly has the ability to pre-empt what’s going to happen next around him, to get so comfortable with his clients that they open up to him and forget he’s there. We can completely see why couples are drawn to him and want him to be a part of their day.

Three great presentations showing how each and every one of us has the ability to bring a piece of ourselves to our couples days. There is no one-way of working and for some of the new photographers in the group this was a light bulb moment. One of the biggest tips that came from all three presentations was to remember to be human first and a photographer second, a great tip to remember at weddings when sometimes you go straight into work mode when you should take time to talk and listen. This is the point where those all-important connections are made.

Eirik, Aga and Dan also talked in-depth about their own way of gaining clients. How their business model works from marketing, pricing to client interaction. They also discussed their shooting strategies, the equipment they carry and why and what works for them along with compositional guidelines and how to tune your visual sensitivity in any given situation. Information that is so important to understand when entering the wedding photography world, we seriously wish we’d come across a course like this when we were starting out, such invaluable knowledge and help.

Day two was the day we got a chance to work alongside Aga and the boys on a real life couple shoot. We watched whilst Aga decided where to shoot from, how she looked for the right light and how her couple were positioned and posed. All the while Aga explained and showed us whilst keeping the lovely Emily and Laura completely relaxed and focused on each other. She certainly made it look effortless and along with Dan and Eirik showing us their skills it was a morning well spent, even if we did all get soaked in the rain!


Back at Dan’s Aga took us through her editing method using images shot that morning. Eirik and Dan then talked about light sources and flash and illustrated some of the methods they use. This way we had a chance to see how everything works and to ask questions to clarify any queries anyone had regarding the use of flash. To finish the evening another  couple arrived so that we could go and put our flash knowledge into practice in the dark.

We could spend pages and pages listing all the information and various tips and skills that were discussed during the two days but that may prevent you ever needing to attend one of their courses!! That really wouldn’t be fair, all we can say is if you’re feeling that your photography could do with a kick start, if you’re feeling uninspired or that your business is losing track or if you just want to go and spend some time with lovely people, talking and learning get on one of Aga, Eirik and Dan’s training courses. We really can’t recommend it enough xx

Here are a couple of the  images we managed to capture – we take no credit for the posing in any way !!




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